The Queen of Electricity - Sterling Silver

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Drottningin electric pot from Heitirpottar.is

A powerful family pot for 7 people.

♨️ 6kw heater and double insulation.

⚜️ Spacious design, large legroom.

🏅 Our best selling pot of 2023.

A pot lid is included.

Available in three colors: Pearl Shade, Sterling Silver & Ocean Blue.

More colors available: Copper & Marble *Special Order*


The queen electric pot:

Volume: 1,600 liters
Length: 215 cm
Width: 215 cm
Height: 99 cm
Weight: 350 kg
Weight, with water:

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Color: Sterling Silver

Product information

- The fiberglass shell is one of the most durable on the market. The shell is strong enough to hold water without a foundation. 💪🏼

- Two heaters, total: 6kw. ♨️ Thick double insulation.

- Easy access into the tub on all sides! Makes installation and maintenance of a tub much more convenient.

- 100% mouse proof pot. 🚫🐁

- Large light package; 4 lights on the outside of the tub. 12 lights in a pot. Adjustable colors 🕺🏼🪩.

- 14 massage nozzles with adjustable power, powerful massage.

- Balboa operating system.

2 year warranty.

Electrical connection: 1-phase, 32amp fuse. ⚡️

Click here to learn more about the installation of an electric hot tub.

Our best selling pot in 2023!

For the Icelandic market:

- Molding; We feel that many Icelanders do not want very shaped pots. The queen is shaped small enough that it is roomy + but also comfortable to sit in (butt doesn't slide forward).

- Icelandic conditions; The tub comes with double insulation and a double heater. (two 3kw heaters). 100% mouse proof pot. 🚫🐁

- User friendly; The control panel on the tub is user-friendly. Can be put on child lock and all kinds of other settings, instructions are included with pot.

- Spacious tub; The formation is ideal for good times with family and friends. The queen is advertised as a pot for 7 people, but it's easy to squeeze more people in!

Let's move pots all over the country! 🚚

You can take a transfer through us or on your own.

💌 Contact us in the online chat for the price of transportation, state your address/municipality and circumstances.

Note moving + placing a pot is our specialty! If it is difficult to access, or there is any uncertainty regarding the transfer, we recommend contacting the online chat (it's free!) for our advice/possible solutions. 💌

Your own way: You organize the transport. You can pick up the pot from our warehouse, we can help with a forklift or we can transport the pot to a station for you. (free)

You then take care of the rest. 👍🏼