Denmark - Brown

1.862.200 ISK 1.740.000 ISK Save 122.200 kr
Tax included.
Color: Brown

High-quality outdoor sauna cabin from Estonia. Designed for Icelandic conditions.

The Denmark sauna cabin comes with a lighted front porch, an entrance with a glass door and a side window on the left side of the cabin.

Available in three colors: Black, Brown and White.

A great investment in health, well-being and quality time with family and friends. Lovely sauna experience, Estonian quality. price: ISK 3,200,000

Technical information: Denmark Sauna cabin
Height: 250cm Ceiling height into cabin: 210cm
Length: 290cm Weight:

Width: 219cm

Sauna, sqm:

Terrace, length: Terrace, sqm:
Available for 2,720,000 ISK. instead of ISK 3,200,000.
(ISK 480,000 discount)

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Let your body sweat.

Live longer with a sauna!
Color: Brown

Product information

Outdoor cabin, Estonian production. 🇪🇪

- Assembled and ready to use.

1. Heater: 4.5kw Harvia sauna heater from Finland. 🇫🇮

2. Voting system; fresh air in to the heater and air out by the bench. The opening can be adjusted manually.

3. Insulation: Traditional house insulation + sauna insulation (white film) + cavity for ventilation. This cell doesn't work! 🪵

- Tiled bottom w/drain for easy cleaning. 🧼

- LED lighting under the seat.

- Heat resistant THERMO aspen light brown lining inside.

- Strong door; w/locking and double safety glass. 🔐

The cabin is assembled and ready to move! 🚚

You can take a transfer through us or on your own.

Through us: We bring the cabin to your home with a crane. 🏗️ Note there is an additional cost that is added.

💌 Contact us in the online chat for the price of transport, state your address/municipality and circumstances.

Your own way: You organize the transport. We can shuttle the cell to station for you. (free)

You take care of the rest.

The MINISAUN cells tick all the boxes:

1. No time to warm up!

2. Voting system; fresh oxygen and a good experience. 🌬️

3. High quality insulation; e insulation that keeps heat well + lining that breathes (doesn't flake) .♨️

It is difficult to get a sauna cabin of better quality. The MINISAUN cabins are better insulated than most houses. 🏠

The ventilation system in the cabin allows for a large heater that heats up the cabin quickly + fresh oxygen while you are in it. Creates an exceptionally good sauna experience. 🧘🏼‍♀️