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We ship nationwide!
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We ship nationwide!
Free home delivery on orders over ISK 20,000.
We ship nationwide!
Free home delivery on orders over ISK 20,000.

Installation of Rafmagnpotti from

Congratulations on the new tub!

Please watch the full length video.

Click here for the video 👉🏼 Installation of Rafmagnpotti from

1.0 Read the Owners Manual

This is the most important step that must not be skipped! If the instructions defined in the manual/booklet are not followed correctly, the pot manufacturer has the right to void the warranty.

The manual/booklet is located in a bag that is hung on an electrical panel in the tub.

- Inside the bag there are also extra sealing rings; for heaters and pump houses. These o-rings wear out over time, and need to be replaced at some point, o-ring life can be around 2-7 years (with proper cleaning agents they last longer).

Arctic Spas Owners Manual:

-< Owners Manual in ENGLISH >-< Owners Manual in NORWEGIAN >-< Owners Manual in FRENCH >-

2.0 Pot electrical connection

Size of fuse and thickness of electrical cord. Pot must have a fuse, only for electric pot, in electrical panel. Specially marked as "electrical pot" in electrical table. The buyer should be clear about the pot he is investing in and can provide information to the electrician.

Electrical connection: Arctic Spas 1-phase connection 3-phase connection
Prestige Edition (1 pump pot): 32amp - 6Q 3x16amp - 2.5Q
Signature Edition (2 pump pot): 32amp - 6Q 3x16amp - 2.5Q
Legend Edition (3 pump pot): 40amp - 6Q 3x20amp - 2.5Q
SDS Edition (4 pump pot): 50amp - 6Q 3x20amp - 2.5Q
Power Connection: Queen & The Eye 1-phase connection
1 pump pot: 32amp - 6Q
Electrical Connection: Arctic Spas Swimming Pool

Prestige Edition (1 pump tub):

SDS Edition (4 pump pot):

2.1 Electrician:

Read the electrical instructions on the inside of the lid of the electrical box in an electrical pot, it tells everything how to connect, 1st phase or 3 phases. Whether loupes need to be removed and which loupes.

2.2 Power cable:

A hole must be drilled through the bottom or side of the tub to insert the electric cable. A 19mm drill is suitable for this project. Be careful not to drill into hoses or other electrical equipment when drilling through the bottom or side of the pot.

NOTE: Electric cable 🚫 Hatch on tub (Arctic Spas tubs)

Attention is drawn to the fact that an electrical cable must NOT be inserted through this hole/hatch:

This hatch is a one-way hatch and is made for water, if a leak comes from a tub, water flows out there to protect the electrical equipment. Mice cannot enter through this hatch as it only opens outwards. If a power cable goes through there, you've created an entrance for mice! 🐁

3.0 Filling with cold tap water

Filling should ALWAYS be through the filter chamber. There should be no filter in the filter chamber(s) when water is placed in the tub. Put a hose into the filter chamber and fill the pot with water.

CAUTION: If not done; then the heater can burn out and it is not compensated as warranty damage, but is classified as the owner's negligence and he is responsible for the heater.

4.0 Commissioning

Commissioning of the pot must not take place until the water has reached 5 to 10 cm up over the filter chamber. Most of the time, it is assumed that the pillow is filled up to the bottom edge , but it can go 1-3 cm above the pillow.

Arctic Spas tubs, water level:
Queen & The Eye tubs, water level:
Those who want the pot to be deep, should preferably not fill higher than 10 cm from the top edge of the pot. If it is filled higher than that, the lid ends up lying on top of the water, which shortens its service life significantly. takes great pride in keeping its customers informed about the importance of using cleaning products correctly.

The correct use of approved cleaning agents makes the water cleaner and customers will probably use the tub more and become happier customers. If you have any questions about the use of cleaning products, come to the store, contact us by email or call. is primarily a service company for pot owners and customers of


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Love and peace, Ari Steinn.

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