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2007, 2018-2023

We emphasize good service and have therefore won 6 years in a row! 🎉

The team in Mexico to receive the award for 2023.

News over time:

2024 - Award record at Arctic Spas

"This is the first time that a company has won two awards from Arctic Spas in the same year, but won this award for the fifth year in a row. No other store has won the award as many times in the 35-year history of Arctic Spas.

"We dressed up like Mexicans at the award ceremony, much to the delight of those present, but 250 people attended the conference this year in Mexico," says Kristján." - Viðsipspablaðið (2024).

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2024 - Kristján very happy with trip to Mexico - "We are proud"

"The tour was a great success because conquered all of Europe.

"We were by far the best selling store and we also got the first prize for the best service in all of Europe, which we think is a better prize. That award shows that we are the best in service in all of Europe, but it is more difficult to win that award than to sell the most,"" - Ragna Gestsdóttir, DV (2024).

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2023 - Icelanders want hot tubs

"Kristján Berg, owner of, says that the last four years have all been record years in sales of hot tubs for the company. Then the tourism industry had a lot to say." - Anton Brink, DV (2023).

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2023 - Electric hot tub sales have never been higher!

"Sales of electric tubs have never been higher and Queen is our best-selling tub this year. It has been a hit and is an Icelandic design tub from A-Z," says Kristján. - Ragna Gestsdóttir, DV (2023).

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2023 - The hot tub saved sanity and reunited the family

""There is a lot of stress in society right now and people are struggling with all kinds of worries and lifestyle-related diseases. I myself am struggling with burnout and had to seek psychological help. It has helped me a lot to do more of the things I enjoy, like and going to the tub at the end of the day and relaxing. An evening in the tub is the cheapest psychotherapy," he adds sarcastically.

He says the hot tub also has a good effect on family life." - Vísir (2023).

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2022 - "Icelanders are complete crooks"

"Now that a cold snap is sweeping the country and swimming pools have been closed to save hot water, a discussion about the use of hot tubs in homes has arisen on social media. The fishing king and one of the main hot tub sellers in the country, Kristján Berg Ásgeirsson says that Icelanders like to drink hot water. Many tons of water is used in hot water tanks.

Last year was a record selling year for Kristján, but he says that the vast majority of hot tubs in Iceland are hot tubs. He himself prefers to sell electric hot tubs, which are cheaper to run than hot water hot tubs. Moreover, they use much less water." - Ellen Geirsdóttir, Vísir (2022).

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2022 - Stock clearance at

""We have a hot stock sale going on. We are making room for new products and want to start spring with a bang! Don't worry, everyone is thirsty for a party and wants to decorate the platform and the garden for the summer," says Kristján Berg, owner of Heitir and promises that you can make great purchases at the stock sale." - Indicator (2022).

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2021 - One hot tub for every 500 Icelanders

" has been chosen pot dealer of the year for the third year in a row by Arctic Spas, the international pot manufacturer. According to Kristján Berg Ásgeirsson, owner of Heitra potta, no one else has been awarded the title two years in a row by the manufacturer, but 190 dealers compete for the title every year." - Kristinn Magnússon, Morgunblaðið (2021).

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2021 - A record year for Hot Tubs

"Kristján Berg Ásgeirsson, the owner of Fiskikönig, says the trend is towards a record year in sales of hot tubs, but sales have increased by 20% since last year." - Jóhann Óskar Jóhannsson, Business newspaper (2021).

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2021 - People who have a hot tub know how to have fun

"It's key to have fun in life and people who know how to have fun have a hot tub in the garden," says Kristján Berg, but he and his wife, Sólveig Lilja, opened an elegant store with hot tubs, swimming pools and saunas in Fosshálsi 13 last weekend." - Indicator (2021).

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2019 - Sells 600 hot tubs per year

"The American motorhome and trailer are no small construction, or 18 meters long. Kristján Berg Ásgeirsson has 250 pots in stock." - Árni Sæberg, Morgunblaðið (2019).

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2017 - More hot tub sales than before the crash

"Kristján Berg Ásgeirsson, the owner of the company, says that the nation held its own while getting over the big hilla after the collapse, but now the nation invested in well-being. "On the first of May, I had 350 pots in stock and I have never had as many as then ," says Kristján. "I have twenty pots left now and the summer is not half over. This was supposed to be enough for me until the end of the year." - Viðsiktablablaðið (2017).

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