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Aqua Finesse

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Hot Tub and Spa Water Care

A mineral mixture that reduces the use of chlorine or bromine in the tub. The chlorine level only needs to be 1.5 - 3 ppm instead of 3 - 5 ppm.

Adds the recommended daily dose of the liquid once a week.

Click here for repeated use instructions.

You can find two videos in the gallery: Usage & review

What makes AquaFinesse unique?

Everyone has probably experienced that the walls of the hot tub seem to be slippery, as if there is a layer of slime on the walls. This "slime" is called biofilm or a better word in English "biofilm". That's where most bacteria congregate. Conventional products such as chlorine, for example, hardly penetrate these layers, which means that a very high dose is necessary to reach the bacteria. This causes a large dose of disinfectants to end up in the water. It can cause negative side effects on the skin, eyes and respiratory tract, no one wants that.

The AquaFinesse formula eliminates the biofilm layers away from the walls and breaks it up, preventing the bacteria from hiding/grouping together.

Misconceptions about AquaFinesse:

"I use AquaFinesse instead of chlorine."

This is unfortunately a wrong thought, there is chlorine in the AquaFinesse package! but with the use of the liquid + chlorine, you can use less chlorine.


There must be some disinfection of hot tub water.

Water is alive and full of bacteria. A hot tub is an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive in, both because of the heat and moisture created by the pot lid. Salt is not a strong enough disinfectant, but Chlorine and Bromine (which are both derived from salt) are our best recommendations when it comes to powerful chemicals for your hot tub.

Saltwater hot tubs produce their own chlorine from the salt that is placed in them.

AquaFinesse uses chlorine.

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