Cubus Premium

1.300.000 ISK
Tax included.
Design: No back glass

Estonian production.

8-person sauna tub with glass door, large windows at the front and a choice of windows at the back.

Beautiful terrace and huge ceiling.

Specially designed sauna barrel from Heitirpottar.is:

💪🏼 + Stronger door, withstands all wind.

❣️ + More comfortable seats, shaped for the back.

Nobody does it like us!


A great investment in health, well-being and quality time with family and friends. Lovely sauna experience, Estonian quality. 

Technical information: (see images in gallery)

- Sauna bench; Thermo-Aspen wood.
- Specially designed seats with back support.
- Protection around the heater. 
- Floor mat included.

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Design: No back glass

Product information

Note This product is unassembled!

We have combined cells and bins in our showroom and outside our store. Ready to ship! 🚚

More information about transportation can be found HERE.

💌 Contact us in the online chat for stock status & price for combined copies.

Electric Sauna Heater or Wood-Fired Sauna Heater.


Some Electric Sauna Heaters can be upgraded with Wi-Fi & App connectivity for added convenience. 🛜

💌 Contact us in the online chat for help choosing a heater.