Three essential oils + Bamboo tray

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Color: Bamboo

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Three essential oils from Rento Finland 🇫🇮

Eucalyptus , Arctic Pine and Arctic Berries. 10ml each.

A beautiful bamboo tray is included.

A great starter pack for those who want to try all the main fragrances.

Use: Put 3-6 drops in the sauna scoop with water in it , then splash the solution over the hot sauna stones.

Note Do not leave the bottles in the sauna room!

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Color: Bamboo

Product information

Fragrance oil (10ml) / Perfume liquid (400ml):

Arctic Berries: Fragrance of fresh berries from Lapland ripened by the midnight sun and arctic falls.

Arctic Pine: The fragrance contains young pine needles, resin and wood scents to entice the senses.

Birch: Birch fills your sauna with summery fragrances of lush nature and fresh birch leaves.

Citrus: Aromatic and fresh citrus fruits provide gently crisp sauna steam.

Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus, pungent green leaves, and warming herbs.

Forest: The Forest scent calls to mind spruce needles, moss, bilberry plants and freshly chopped firewood.

Winter Spices: Spicy aroma for cool season and dark evenings. Full of warmth and ambiance.

Wood Tar: Tar sauna scent brings to mind a summer cabin, with the smoky fragrance of a warming sauna.

Natural perfume (100ml):

Aurora: Crisp lemongrass & bergamot. An energizing, positive scent evocative of an exotic spa.

Blue hour: A soothing and relaxing combination of eucalyptus and pine.

Clear & crisp: A fresh camphor scent with hints of revitalizing eucalyptus and herbs to open airways.

Wilderness forest: Scent like a heart of a wilderness forest. Pine and spruce needles come with soft wood and vanilla-like nuances.

Serene: Deeply relaxing and balancing combination of lavender, mandarine and cedar oils.