Arctic Spas Custom Series

Ocean Pool Tub

4.400.000 ISK
Tax included.

The stated prices are according to the latest Arctic Spas price list.

Contact us for prices for pots that are in stock.

Type: Prestige Edition
Color: Sterling Silver
Spa Boy® Salt Water System: Yes please!

Ocean pool tub from Arctic Spas.

Nine+ pool with eight seats and a large swimming/play area.

In the gallery there are some videos that we recommend checking out!

You can choose from four types of massage.

  • Prestige: 20 massage nozzles and 1 pump.
  • Signature: 4 0 massage nozzles and 2 pumps.
  • Legend: 40 massage nozzles and 3 pumps.
  • SDS: 60 massage nozzles and 4 pumps.

Super Duper Seat ; The best massage chair in the world.

Headrests are included.

Clothing available: Cedar or gray maintenance-free cladding.

Bottom:  "Forever Floor" base made of Fiberglass.

Arctic Spas SwimSpa; Ocean

Volume: 5,100 liters
Length: 436 cm
Width: 236 cm
Height: 129 cm
Weight: 866 kg
Weight, with water: 5,966 kg

The picture is of a tub with a Spa Boy® salt water system. Contact us for information on the price of a pot with accessories.

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Artwork made with artificial intelligence - Ari Steinn Kristjánsson

Type: Prestige Edition
Color: Sterling Silver
Spa Boy® Salt Water System: Yes please!

Product information

Can be heated up to 42°C. 🥵

We recommend keeping this tub no higher than 38°C, as you move around so much in this tub. 💦

9.2kw heating + thick insulation; this is a pot that keeps heat.♨️

Pool tub: You can swim in this tub against powerful pumps. 🏊🏼‍♂️

An insulating pot lid comes free with this pot. Choice of brown or dark gray color.

Wifi connection, free app for iOS and Android to control it. 🛜

Ethernet port for directly connecting the pot with a network cable.

Opening doors on all sides, great access into the tub!

Controllable fountain, elevating headrests, two filter chambers with ProFilters™ and adjustable lighting control. 🕺🏼🪩

Low operating costs: 💰

  • Arctic Spas FreeHeat™ system

(There is an illustrative image in the gallery that shows how the FreeHeat™ system works.)

  • The heater starts only when the tub temperature drops. Less heater use = Lower electricity bill!

Electrical connection: 1-phase, 32amp fuse or 3-phase, 16amp fuse. (note this is the recommended fuse for a tub with one pump )

Click here to learn more about installing a saltwater hot tub.

Arctic Spas Ocean: Five-year warranty.

Shell: The fiberglass shell is one of the most durable on the market. The shell is strong enough to hold water without a foundation. 💪🏼

Cladding: You can choose between cedar or dark gray maintenance-free cladding. The same thick and strong insulation comes with both covers. They are equally strong.

The cedar needs to be oiled annually to maintain the beautiful cedar stain. 🪵

Bottom: 🐁🚫 100% mouse-proof Forever Floor™ fiberglass bottom. A strong base that makes installation much easier. The base does not absorb moisture and therefore does not rot or rot.

Click here to learn more about the manufacturer. Arctic Spas 🇨🇦


  • Spa Boy® - Automatic salt water system. A sensitive probe in the tub that measures both the chlorine and the acidity in the water every 2 minutes. The tub then produces chlorine from the salt water for complete disinfection with no chlorine smell. I want to know more!

The Arctic Spas Ocean Pool Tub comes with this kit!

Click here to learn how to install a Spa Boy® Saltwater Hot Tub.

  • Massager - Can check different "Editions" on the product page to see the appearance of a tub with added massager and updated total price.

  • Peak Ozone - Bactericidal supplemental cleaning agent. 🦠

  • AquaTremor - Built-in sound system, the music threads through the water. Great sound quality with heavy bass. 🔊

  • Family Lights Package - Lights in the fountain and more lights in the tub.

  • Gray maintenance-free cladding instead of cedar.