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pH-Minus powder; To REDUCE the acidity of water in a tub.

Made specifically for hot tubs.

pH powder, Application:

1. Measure the water with a water test kit (Use: Test Strips ).

2. Measure an appropriate amount of pH powder (see instructions).

3. Dissolve the pH powder in a bucket of water.

4. Spread the solution over the water/tub.

5. Check the pH values ​​again after 30 minutes.

pH value, Guidelines

The pH of the water should always be between 7.2 and 7.6.

Too low a pH value can damage parts of the tub, for example the pipe system.

Too high a pH can lead to skin and eye irritation, can also lead to calcium and metal contamination (clogging) and makes sanitizing the tub more difficult. Test the water in the tub regularly with a water test kit (test strips) to check whether the pH and disinfection values ​​(chlorine, bromine, active oxygen) are always within the optimal reference range.

If the pH values ​​are above 7.6, they must be lowered.

If the pH values ​​are below 7.2, they must be raised.

Note that the following information is an approximate value: 3 tsp. pH powder for every 1000 liters of water increases/decreases the pH level by approximately 0.2 units. Always adjust the pH values ​​gradually (in steps) and then check the pH values ​​after about 30 minutes. If there is a large difference in acidity, it may be because the level of chlorine, bromine or active oxygen in the water is incorrect. First dissolve the pH powder in a bucket of water.

Never use the same teaspoon in a food product.

Amount: 1.5 kg