Pipe cleaner

6.500 ISK
Tax included.
Amount: 1 Liter

Pickup available at Fossháls 13

Usually ready in 1 hour

A very strong chemical mixture. Use once a year.

Made especially for cleaning pipes/pipes/pipes in jacuzzis.

It is good to clean the pipe system in the tub regularly to prevent the growth of bacteria that can form in the pipes. It is best to use Pipe Cleaner at least once a year.

Pipe Cleaner is used before a water change. 0.5L of Pipe Cleaner for every 1000L of water.

It is best to have the water warm 35-38 degrees and filters are removed from the tub before using Pipe Cleaner.

Turn on all pumps and let them run on the highest setting for at least 30 minutes.

The dirty water is then drained from the tub and rinsed thoroughly afterwards with a water hose.

Box, Bulk offer: Pay for 5, get 6.

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Amount: 1 Liter

Product information

1. The pot must be full of water (can be old water).

2. Take the filters out of the pot.

3. Measure an appropriate amount of Pipe Cleaner (0.5 ltr. against every 1,000 ltr.) DOSAGE RATIO: 2000:1

4. Spread the pipe cleaner evenly over the water/tub.

5. Get a constant circulation of the water for approx. 2-3 hours

6. Drain the pot.

7. (Additional step): It is recommended to fill the tub with water and drain again, to ensure that all the material is removed from the tub.

1. Shell cleaning: Use a brush/sponge and a substance that kills sebum/oils.

We recommend: Grease remover and Vikan Brush.

2. Cleaning the cardboard filter: Attention! NEVER put filters in the dishwasher!

  • Rinse the cardboard filter with water weekly.
  • Clean monthly with chemicals.

Good material for cleaning cardboard filters: Aquamagic.

3. Cleaning/protection of lining/pot lid: Apply material to lining and pot lid with a damp cloth.

Should be used: Prayer on Pottalok.