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130.000 ISK
Tax included.
Size: 215cm x 215cm
Color: Dark gray

Sturdy pot lid (215cm x 215cm).

Well insulated, hard for the heat to escape!

Designed for the Eye, but fits other pots as well.

Fasteners are included (clips and snaps).

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Strong pot lid for demanding conditions.

Size: 215cm x 215cm
Color: Dark gray

Product information

Measuring a tub for a new tub lid is done like this:

Measure the outer edges of the tub, length x width.

No need to measure corner to corner.

No need to measure internal dimensions.

💌 Post the issues in the online chat to get advice on which pot lids are available for you.

It's okay to choose a cap that's a little bigger!

For example, if your pot is 210cm x 210cm, it's okay to choose a lid that is 215cm x 215cm. In fact, we recommend choosing a slightly larger lid. In this example, the lid protrudes only 2.5cm from both sides of the pot, which is perfect!

We ship all over the country! 🚚

You can take a transfer through us or on your own.

💌 Contact us in the online chat for the price of transport, state your address/municipality.

Your own way: You organize the transport. You can collect from our stock, we will assist you or we can transport the lid to a station for you. (free).