Arctic Spas


140.000 ISK
Tax included.
Size: 217cm x 217cm (7 feet)
Color: Brown

Brown 7ft Mylovac™ pot ​​lid (217cm x 217cm).

Well insulated, hard for heat to escape!

The longest service life on the market.

Designed for 7-foot Arctic Spas, but will fit other tubs as well.

This size of tub cover is for the following Arctic Spas tubs:

Cub, Yukon, Eagle and Totem.

Fasteners are included (clips and snaps).

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Strong pot lid for demanding conditions.

Size: 217cm x 217cm (7 feet)
Color: Brown

Product information

The Mylovac™ pot ​​lid starts with a foam that is twice as dense as the average lid on the market. Then an iron band in the form of a "C" is added in the middle.

This creates a lid that can withstand over a ton of weight. You'll never have to worry about snow drifts or kids playing on top of your lid again.

The iron bands are covered in an iron/poly bag (similar to a coffee bag), then the bag is vacuum sealed and heat sealed.

This technology is the only system that can keep the liquid from entering the foam inserts.

Wet and heavy pot lids lead to more heat loss and escalating operating costs.

When it comes to durability and good insulation, Arctic Spas' Mylovac™ tub lid is the best investment.

Measuring a tub for a new tub lid is done like this:

Measure the outer edges of the pot, length x width.

No need to measure corner to corner.

No need to measure internal dimensions.

💌 Post the issues in the online chat to get advice on which pot lids are available for you.

It's okay to choose a cap that's a little bigger!

For example, if your pot is 210cm x 210cm, it's okay to choose a lid that is 215cm x 215cm. In fact, we recommend choosing a slightly larger lid. In this example, the lid protrudes only 2.5cm from both sides of the pot, which is perfect!

We ship all over the country! 🚚

You can take a transfer through us or on your own.

💌 Contact us in the online chat for the price of transport, state your address/municipality.

Your own way: You organize the transport. You can collect from our stock, we will assist you or we can transport the lid to a station for you. (free).