Queen's Shell - Sterling Silver

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Drottningin heat supply shell from Heitirpottar.is
Designed for Icelandic conditions.

Fiberglass shell, one of the strongest on the market.
The shell is sprayed with insulation.

Available in three colors: Pearl Shade, Sterling Silver & Ocean Blue.

More colors available: Copper & Marble *Special Order*


Easy to install (note "Example of finishing" picture in gallery).

The queen's heating shell:

Volume: 1,600 liters
Length: 215 cm
Width: 215 cm
Height: 95 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Weight, with water: 1,680 kg

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Color: Sterling Silver

Product information

- The fiberglass shell is one of the most durable on the market. The shell is strong enough to hold water without a foundation. 💪🏼

- Sprayed with insulation.

- Easy to install.

For the Icelandic market:

- Molding; We feel that many Icelanders do not want very shaped pots. The queen is shaped small enough that it is roomy + but also comfortable to sit in (butt doesn't slide forward).

- Icelandic conditions; Strong fiberglass shell. Withstands all weather conditions and freezing temperatures. Sprayed with insulation to reduce heat loss.

- Spacious tub; The formation is ideal for good times with family and friends. The queen is advertised as a pot for 7 people, but it's easy to squeeze more people in!

We have it all with the shell!


- Temperature control: A simple faucet or full temperature control with an app, we have it all!

- Pot lid: An insulated pot lid that retains heat and protects the shell.

- Lid lift: We have all kinds of lid lifts for all situations. With or without pump. The lid lifter makes it easier to open and close the pot lid, and handles the lid much better!

- Small light package: 3 LED lights, one large and two smaller. Customizable colors.

- Large light package: LED lights in all sides and cup holders. Adjustable colors 🕺🏼🪩.

- Fittings kit: Pipe, bottom valve, overflow and drain, intermediate connection.

- Cleaning materials and equipment: Everything to keep the water and tub clean!

💌 Contact us in the online chat to get an offer for a shell with add-ons of your choice.

Let's move pots all over the country! 🚚

You can take a transfer through us or on your own.

💌 Contact us in the online chat for the price of transportation, state your address/municipality and circumstances.

Note moving + placing a pot is our specialty! If it is difficult to access, or there is any uncertainty regarding the transfer, we recommend contacting the online chat (it's free!) for our advice/possible solutions. 💌

Your own way: You organize the transport. You can pick up the pot from our warehouse, we can help with a forklift or we can transport the pot to a station for you. (free)

You then take care of the rest. 👍🏼