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Arctic Spas

Silver Sentinel, Memory

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Amount: 1 pc

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One of the tightest filters on the market. Silver Sentinel filters down to 1 micron, that's one hundredth of a millimeter!

With screw thread.

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Amount: 1 pc

Product information

Filters out much smaller particles than traditional cardboard filters. 1 micron instead of 30 microns.

We therefore recommend replacing the Silver Sentinel every 3-4 months. ⏱️ Depends on how much the tub is used.

The filter cleans for cleaner water and removes odors. No maintenance! , just check the monthly condition of the filter.

🚨 Don't try to clear this filter! 🚨

If it's very dirty/clogged, it's done its job and it's time for a change!

We must remember to change the filter. It's easy to forget this, but it's important to change filters regularly to maintain healthy water.

Good ways to remember to change filters: 🧠 ✅

1. Change the filter when changing the water in the tub.

2. Set a reminder on your phone or computer. 🔔

3. Ask us to call you. 📞

Lasts up to 5 months! ⏱️

To maximize lifespan:

1. Rinse off before getting in the tub. (note do not use soap, just rinse) 🚫🧼

2. Regularly check if the chlorine/bromine levels are in order.

3. Regularly check whether the pH values ​​(acidity of water) are within the limits; 7.2-7.6.

The Silver Sentinel filter is made of polypropylene and when the filter is dry , it can be recycled with other polypropylene materials. ♻️