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Spa Shock Granulate. Non Chlorine Shock

Non-chlorine Spa Shock works against the bacteria in your hot tub that cause odors and cloudy water. Spa Shock eliminates this problem with only 20gr (4 tsp) in 1000L of water, but you need to wait at least 6 hours after putting Spa Shock into the water before adding regular chlorine or bromine to get the best results success

Spa Shock breaks down the organic pollutants and non-filterable waste that can sometimes be found in the water and which can cause unpleasant odors and reduce comfort for the spa user. Spa Shock can also improve the effectiveness of the Bromine Cleaner.


Add 20g (4tsp) of Spa Shock to every 1000L of water. Leave all pumps on for at least 1 hour for full effect. Leave the tub open while the pumps are running.

Box, Bulk offer: Pay for 5, get 6.

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Amount: 1 kg

Product information

1. Measure the appropriate amount of Pottaressi according to the size of the pot (litres) and chlorine/bromine consumption. Dosage ratio: 15 g per 1,000 liters.

2. Remove the pot lid from the pot (important).

3. Spread the powder evenly over the water/pot.

4. Let the water circulate for 15 minutes.

Pot Freshener is a non-chlorine treatment designed to destroy waste compounds that build up in the water. Pot fresheners will burn out chloramines that build up as a byproduct of chlorine use and help keep water clean.

Add Pottahressi weekly to remove organic contaminants from water without increasing chlorine levels.

Note! Do not stay in the tub while the material is working (15 min.).

It is recommended to use the material after using the tub.