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Chlorine powder

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Amount: 1 kg

Pickup available at Fossháls 13

Usually ready in 1 hour

Very strong, fast-dissolving chlorine powder. For heating and electric boilers.

1. Fill the tub with water (if an electric tub; through a filter chamber).

2. Heat the water to at least 30°C.

3. Measure an appropriate amount of chlorine powder based on the size of the tub (liters) and the use of the tub.

4. Spread the chlorine powder evenly over the tub/water.

5. Create movement in the water for faster dissolution and better distribution of the chlorine.

Note! chlorine and bromine must not be used together.

Care of electric tubs with chlorine:

- Change the water every 2-3 months.

- Renew filters regularly (most last 3-4 months). Filters product page

- Check the "Total Alkalinity" weekly to make sure it is within the target values ​​(80-120).

- Adjust the pH value (the acidity of the water) once a week.

Use: TEST STRIPS to check: Chlorine level, "Total Alkalinity" and pH value of the water.

Chlorine tends to lower the pH value, try to achieve a pH value between 7.2-7.6.

Use: PH-PLUS to raise the pH values.

- "Refresh" the water once a week. (important)

The following should be used: POT MIXER

Amount: 1 kg