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Pickup available at Fossháls 13

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Flotholt for chlorine or bromine tablets.

Holds many tables.

You can set how many tables are solved at once.

Comes with a string to tie the float tube to the filter cylinder or head pad.

Open the float hole. Fill the float cavity with chlorine tablets or bromine tablets. On the label that comes with the float, it says what the float should be set to, and it is based on the amount of water in the tub. The float should always be floating in the tub.

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Product information

1. Always fill the flotation hole!

The float is made to dose chlorine/bromine for you. Adjusts the float hole so that it dispenses correctly according to your pot size + use.

2. How do I adjust the float?

Adjusts the consumption of chlorine/bromine by turning the gray part, (view image in gallery) up/down. For medium-sized tubs/use 3-4x a week, we recommend setting to setting 3 to begin with.

Good to remember: The longer you make the float, the more chlorine/bromine is used.

3. Check chlorine/bromine levels weekly (to begin with).

Measure the chlorine/bromine levels weekly to ensure they are within the correct range. Use: TEST STRIPS to measure these values.

If they are too high: Set the float higher (screw up), this will reduce consumption.

If they are too low: Set the float lower (screw down), this will increase the consumption.

Over time you will get a feel for this. 👍🏼

Remember: Always fill the float.

Flotholt is a dispenser.

Instead of adding disinfectant (chlorine/bromine) to the tub every time it is used, the flotation unit will take care of this for you.

The physics behind the floating body is like this:

The water only reaches the bottom table in the float hole, all the others are therefore dry and not wasted. 🤯

Space for 7-8 tablets in the float hole.

The float floats in the tub and only consumes one tablet at a time. When the bottom table is destroyed, the next one falls down and starts to be destroyed.

The floating body should therefore always be filled with tablets.

Beginner mistakes:

Inserting one tablet at a time into the flotation cavity.