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Onzen Sea Salt

5.000 ISK
Tax included.
Amount: 2 kg

Pickup available at Fossháls 13

Usually ready in 1 hour

Sea salt is a new cleaning agent from Arctic Spas.

The cleaning agent Salt is a 100% natural product. The water becomes softer and is especially suitable for those with sensitive skin. Suitable for those who cannot tolerate chlorine or the smell of chlorine.

When salt is used as a cleaning agent, the PH level tends to increase. It is therefore necessary to monitor the PH value and adjust as necessary. Most of the time, the PH value needs to be lowered, and this is done by adding a PH minus to the water.

The salt can only be used in Arctic Spas salt water tubs, which are equipped with a salt water system. We call the salt water system ONZEN and the controller SPABOY.

The salt water system from Arctic Spas is extremely user-friendly, it is much easier to monitor the water, the water stays cleaner, salt is natural and environmentally friendly.


1. Fill the tub with water (if an electric tub; through a filter chamber).

2. Heat the water to at least 30°C.

3. Adjust the float hole to an appropriate setting based on the tub size (liters) and use of the tub.

4. Fill the float hole with bromine tablets.

5. Put the float in a pot, the float must always be in the pot.

6. Check the float regularly and top up.

Note! chlorine and bromine must not be used together.

Care of electric pots with bromine:

- Change the water every 2-3 months.

- Renew filters regularly (most last 3-4 months). Filters product page

- Check the "Total Alkalinity" weekly to make sure it is within the target values ​​(80-120).

- Adjust the pH value (the acidity of the water) once a week.

Use: TEST STRIPS to check: Chlorine level, "Total Alkalinity" and pH value of the water.

Chlorine tends to lower the pH value, try to achieve a pH value between 7.2-7.6.

Use: PH-PLUS to raise the pH values.

- "Refresh" the water once a week. (important)

The following should be used: POT MIXER

Amount: 2 kg