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Arctic Spas

Just Blue 2L

19.900 ISK
Tax included.

Pickup available at Fossháls 13

Usually ready in 1 hour

A great addition for saltwater pots. Helps the salt system clean the water better and prevents deposits on the salt cell. Extends the life of the salt cell. Only needs to be used once a month.

Just Blue is an environmentally friendly water care system and will help you keep the water in your tub clean in a safe, simple and effective way. With a weekly treatment for chlorine tubs or a monthly treatment for Onzen/Spaboy tubs, Just Blue will help you prevent scale deposits in the tub. In addition, Just Blue will loosen and remove existing limescale deposits. It is in these lime deposits that bacteria and other microorganisms grow. Onzen/Spaboy will take care of the rest, draining and disinfecting the water. The water in the tub will not only be clean, but will look crystal clear and will be pleasant and soft. Just Blue is also a pH buffer that helps keep the pH level stable and leaves a silicon-like coating to prevent calcium build-up on Onzen/Spaboy electrodes, heaters, etc.

Instructions for use:

For tubs with Onzen/Spaboy saltwater systems, add Just Blue monthly.

For tubs with conventional chlorine systems, add Just Blue weekly.

Shake Just Blue well before use. Add Just Blue to the water in the tub and run the pumps for at least 2 minutes to circulate the water.

Quantity: 80ml for small tubs, 100ml for medium sized tubs, 130ml for large tubs, 500ml for Pool tubs.

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